Sunday, September 20, 2009

Week 1

So I have officially checked into Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) for treatment.  Allison came up with me tonight and we arrived a little after 6 pm.  Allison helped to get me situated and got the orientation and then went home to put the kids down for the night.  I am very grateful to be able to receive treatment here in SLC so that Allison can still be with the kids.   

Here in the near future I will be getting an IV for fluids and antibiotics tonight before the treatment starts tomorrow morning.  I will likely spend most of the week here in the hospital for the administration of the treatment of the high dose IL2.  We have been told that I'll likely be discharged Friday or Saturday of this week, depending on how things go.  This then becomes Week 1.

Week 2 will be spent home again recovering and doing whatever I feel well enough to do. 

Week 3 will be another round of high dose IL2 at HCI - checking in again on Sunday night and then hopefully out Friday or Saturday of that week. 

I will then get a couple of weeks off.  The current game plan (although experience tells me it is likely to change multiple times between now and then) is to do new scans at the end of Week 7.  Depending on the results of those scans we will determine what the next step will be.  For now we think it will be another course of two cycles of high dose IL2 starting with Week 8 at HCI, Week 9 at home, and Week 10 at HCI.  Beyond that, what comes next is anybody's guess.

We are excited to be starting treatments after a bit of a roller coaster getting us to this point.  We're grateful to be finally taking steps in the right direction. 

We are extremely grateful to the many that have reached out in kindness to our family.  And thanks to the thoughts and prayers from everybody we will make it through this. 


Bethany said...

Ben and Allison- We can't stop thinking about you guys up there tonight! I am glad that you are at such a good facility - It really helps that they have it so together up there. (Plus- the food is good if you ever feel like eating!). Good luck with everything!

ghd3 said...

We're praying and pulling for you Ben. You'll be in our thoughts this week. Great chatting with you briefly Sunday. Go Team Firestorm.

Kathryn said...

Glad you got settled okay! I was thinking about all of you yesterday... Best of luck with the treatments, hopefully your system responds well! I am thinking and praying for you :)
GO...FIGHT...WIN!! (Just left over from the cheerleading days!)

Whitney said...

Thinking of all of you... Ben, Allison and babies. You have the strength, Ben. Go get em'! Much love, Whitney

Everett said...

Ben and Allison, We're thinking of you so much and praying for the best. We check the blog regularly and always hope for good news. Sounds like you've got great doctors taking care of you. Lots of love, Liz and Everett

Judy said...

I'm amazed that you rode in the Lotoja. What a feat! I'm sure it will be a plus for you to be so physically fit as you begin this treatment.
You and Allison and your family are always in our thoughts and prayers.
Love you lots, Aunt Judy

marie said...

Thanks for the update! We've been thinking of you so much lately, and include you in all of our prayers. I'm so glad you can get this great treatment right here! What a blessing.

Anonymous said...

Great! We are so glad that you are at HCI and that treatment has begun. We are hoping that it goes well and that your body can handle the drugs without too much sickness. We continue to think of you and pray for you everyday. Like everyone else, we check the blog regularly and are anxious for any updates or news. Hang in there!
Amy and John

shellie Hepworth said...

Ken and I are thinking and praying for you both. We are happy you are on your way to beating this and back to good health. Thank you for sharing this journey with us all. Thankfyou for helping us to be more humble and grateful for great family and good friends. We love you.

Liz said...

You are in our thoughts and prayers. It is wonderful to read your updates and know you are in good hands at such a great facility. Our love to your entire family. - Elizabeth Burt