Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Game Plan (for now)

I am starting to think that the most difficult part of this whole thing is getting everything scheduled.  I'm sure I'll feel differently once the treatment has started in earnest.  But for now, we have had some challenges and frustrations in getting to the start line. 

We have been bouncing phone calls and emails back and forth between Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) and MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC) for a couple of days now in an attempt to determine when we can finally get this going.  And although I've learned in the last couple of days, this is subject to change at a moment's notice, it appears that we have a plan in place.

We are planning on checking into the ICU at HCI on Sunday September 20th where I will receive the high dose IL2.  I will be there for most of the week, likely being released on Friday or Saturday.  This will become week 1.  Week 2 will be off and at home.  Week 3 will be back into the ICU at HCI for another round of IL2.  After that we'll reevaluate and  determine how to proceed. 

Thanks again to all of your great support, your thoughts and prayers are very appreciated.  We know many of you have challenges you're facing right now and our thoughts and prayers go out to you. 


ghd3 said...

Thanks Ben for sharing the info. We're gearing up with you for the road ahead, and sending lots of love and good wishes your way. I'm glad you'll be able to do it in SLC, closer to family, loved ones, etc. You're in our thoughts, and we'll see you soon!

Jardinefamily said...

Good luck this next week. You are in our prayers. Please remember we would love to help out with the kids- if allison wants to be up at the hospital with you or after you get home too.

Emily said...

So glad the plan has finalized and you will soon be starting treatment. As you know, HCI is great. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Thanks for keeping us updated.
Patrick & Emily Olson

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you will be able to stay in SLC for treatment. Seems like that will make it easier on Allison and the kids and nice to have a large support network nearby. We hear great things about HCI. We are anxious to help in any way that we can.
Amy and John

Kathryn said...

So glad you will be staying here where we are all here for support! Great things happen at HCI and I know it will for you too!
I love you guys! Keep up the positive attitudes.