Sunday, July 18, 2010


On Friday the 16th I had the Stereotactic Radio Surgery procedure performed.  There isn't a lot to report, besides the fact that having your head held in one place for an hour and a half is long enough to wish you were somewhere else.

The procedure went well according to the technicians, but we really won't know anything until we do new MRIs in about 8 weeks.  Until then, it's a holding pattern until we get the MRI results that hopefully show us good results so I can get enrolled on the MEK study at MDACC.  

Thanks to everyone's continued support and kindness and a special shout out to the Team Firestorm riders who rode the 204 miles of STP this last week.  Great ride and thanks for your show of support.


ghd3 said...

Glad it went well. i certainly don't envy your having to have your head in one position for 90 minutes. Long enough to wish you were somewhere else indeed.

We will continue to hope and pray for positive results.

We had a great ride this weekend -- fun to be out there and see Time Firestorm represented. :)

Anonymous said...

So glad you were able to have this procedure done. We are hoping that the side effects, if any, are minimal. Amazing to be witness to such advanced technology and medical treatment. We're so grateful you are able to be a recipient of it.
We love you and think of you and are praying for you.

steph said...

Hope you at least got to listen to some music or a good book...

Ben said...

Praying for you Ben. Hope you're able to get enrolled and that the trial moves you in the right direction.