Thursday, February 25, 2010

Melanoma Drug Trials

This week the New York Times has run a series of articles in their health section dealing with melanoma and drug trials. This article focuses on the B-Raf inhibitor drug by Plexxicon - PLX4032. This is one of the two drug trials we had hoped to take part in.  We were unable to get a slot in this drug trial, the trial I'm on works in a very similar fashion to PLX4032.  My drug is produced by Glaxo Smith Cline and is mentioned later in the series as a drug they would like to test in tandem with the Plexxicon drug.

The articles can be found here:
    Day 1 - A Roller Coaster Chase for a Cure
    Day 2 - After Long Fight, Drug Gives Sudden Reprieve
    Day 3 - A Drug Trial Cycle: Recovery, Relapse, Reinvention

This is a well written series that describes the clinical trials process, its difficulties and challenges.  It also speaks to the struggles of the cancer patients.  Being in the thick of it right now, has made this very compelling reading from my point of view. 

At this point I'm very grateful to be able to take part in this study.  It has certainly made a positive difference in our life.  We are sure there are still hills to climb, but we're very happy to be where we are now. 

As always thanks to everyone for your continued support. 


laura said...

Thanks for the links. What a blessing! So grateful that this is moving things in a positive direction. love to you!!

Anonymous said...

It was really helpful to read these articles. Very interesting and informative. THanks for passing them along. We are so happy you are able to be a part of this drug trial. Blessings.